• The Institute of Manufacturing (IManf), founded in 1978, is a United Kingdom based professional qualification awarding body.

  • The Institute of Manufacturing is listed in British Qualifications - the British Council’s reference book, published by Kogan Page Ltd. and is also listed in the BTEC Higher National Professional Recognition & Progression Directory.

    The Institute is a Member of the Confederation of Professional Awarding Bodies (COPAB)

    Applicants will be assessed on their Knowledge, Skill, Experience (K.S.E.), Education, Training and Responsibility. Due consideration will be given to those who are qualified only by practical experience. There are many people who, through no fault of their own, have not had the opportunity to gain academic qualifications during their careers. These people may also apply for membership based on their own individual merits, practical experience and position.

    Membership of Institute of Manufacturing will confer the following benefits:
    Use of the appropriate designatory letters.
    Professional status and recognition.
    Free subscription to the Institute of Manfacturing E-Journal.
    Free advert in the journal when seeking a new position.
    Free advert in the journal when recruiting for your company.

    Click here to view and download the application form PDF for The Institute of Manufacturing.

    Membership Grades

    Student Member - Stud.I.Manf

    Applicants should be currently studying a relevant manufacturing program. The applicant should have completed the first year of a course of studies or be qualified up to National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Level 4.

    Associate Member - A.M.I.Manf
    Applicants should have completed one of the following: NQF Level 5 Manufacturing Diploma, appropriate City and Guilds course, Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC), Scottish Vocational and Educational Training (SCOTVEC) or Scottish Qualifications Awards (SQA) awards. Also those with three years relevant professional experience in manufacturing may be accepted.

    Full Member - M.I.Manf
    Applicants should have completed one of the following: Specialised Bachelor of Manufacturing Degree, NQF Level 6, appropriate City and Guilds course, BTEC or SCOTVEC/SQA awards. Also those with relevant professional qualifications and/or appropriate experience as a manufacturer may be accepted.

    Fellow - F.I.Manf
    Applicants should have completed one of the following: Specialised Master of Manufacturing Degree or NQF Level 7 chartered, professional and senior manufacturing courses. Senior professionals with at least five years experience holding chartered professional qualifications may also be accepted.

    Companion - Comp.I.Manf
    Holders of a Doctorate Degree and those in highly responsible positions in the manufacturing industry.

    Application can be made to be upgraded to the next level of membership as further K.S.E. (Knowledge, Skills and Experience) is gained.

    Annual Subscription

    Companion GBP 80.00
    Fellow GBP 65.00
    Full Member GBP 60.00
    Associate Member GBP 55.00
    Student Member GBP 30.00
    Retired Member Half Fees

    Subscriptions are due annually on the date of election.