• Certified Manufacturing Practitioner
  • The Certified Manufacturing Practitioner award has been developed to create a recognised qualification for managers of manufacturing organisations.

    It has been designed to combine generic management knowledge with manufacturing experience.

    As the professional body for Manufacturing, the Institute of Manufacturing encourages all members to apply for the Certified Manufacturing Practitioner designation.

    Certified Manufacturing Practitioner


    • 10 years practical experience
    • 5 years if they possess a suitable Diploma level qualification
    • 3 years if they possess a suitable Bachelor level qualification
    • 2 years if they possess a suitable Master’s level qualification

    Applicants will need to pass an examination, which will be in the form of writing a 2,000 word paper (under the Institute's supervision), in which they will demonstrate they can relate their theoretical generic management knowledge to their practical manufacturing experience.

    Please contact the Institute if you would like further information.